Cheryl Gainer

Registered Nurse, Clinical Assistant Professor • University of Texas at Arlington

Providing a Camp Experience for Children with Celiac Disease: Lessons Learned

Everyone has needs to be met in order to participate successfully in a given event.  This fun and informative session will assist you to create a method of inclusion and/or a supportive camp/retreat for mainstream children and adults who have diseases that limit their ability to participate in normal activities such as sleep away camp and retreats.  Creating the ability for more children and adults to participate in camp events can not only work for your camp, but also benefit your camp.  In this session, you will identify children and adults needing accommodations to attend a sleep away camp or retreat and identify resources and partnerships to accommodate their needs.  This session will also assist you in identifying ways your camp can assist children and adults needing special accommodations to attend other camps, conference, training, or activities being held at your camp and conference center.  The goal is for you to explore ways for your camp and conference center to include individuals needing special accommodations.  You will identify ways to build and sustain new partnerships for these endeavors as well as identify new resources and avenues of revenue and fundraising.

Providing Meals and Snacks for Individuals on a Gluten Free Diet

This Fun and informative session will assist you to create menus and meals for individuals on a gluten free diet who will be attending camps, retreats, training, and conference at your camp.  This session will explain the necessary steps from kitchen preparation, avoiding cross contamination, to menus, food, and food preparation for individuals on a gluten free diet.  A short discussion of more advanced meal planning and preparation can be included, time permitting.