Living Worship at Lakeview

You have a role to play in creating the living worship experience at our National Gathering!
In October, you’ll receive an empty bottle and an invitation: fill this bottle with water from a source at your ministry site, and bring it with you to Lakeview in January. Our collective water will form the entrance to the main worship hall all week.
Natural, municipal, well-drawn—whatever the source of water at your site, these waters are fundamental to our ministries. Let yours be on display!

A Piece of Home…

Ready to play even more? Once your bottle arrives, capture a photo or video of you, your staff, board, campers, guests, collecting the water. Record a testimonial about what water means to you at your site, and send all photos, written accounts, and video to These too will be on display and are a great way to bring a little piece of home to Lakeview.

Submit your video!